Forgotten issues

IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
15284patchwish: make the (name) field optionalFri Sep 06 02:06:27-0700 2013Open
17150Stale bootstrap/*/guile-2.0.9.tar.xz files are not detectedMon Mar 31 12:22:27-0700 2014Open
17152GNU Guix backend for PackageKit / Gnome-SoftwareMon Mar 31 13:11:26-0700 2014Open
20255'search-paths' should respect both user and system profile.Sat Apr 04 03:29:28-0700 2015Open
20402guix cannot download via an http proxyTue Apr 21 16:00:26-0700 2015Open
20803guix-daemon: support ftp_proxy environment variableSat Jun 13 07:39:27-0700 2015Open
20816Excessive negative cache time for DNS lookupsSun Jun 14 19:44:28-0700 2015Open
22053'call-with-container' fails when CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES is not setSun Nov 29 10:30:25-0800 2015Open
22100'font-alias' breaks other xorg font packages when installed in a single profileSun Dec 06 01:19:27-0800 2015Open
22138Search paths of dependencies are not honoredThu Dec 10 01:36:26-0800 2015Open
22304Build for Julia is not reproducibleMon Jan 04 08:29:26-0800 2016Open
22366Chicken Scheme release tarballs ship non-source C codeWed Jan 13 10:54:25-0800 2016Open
22459Guix tools should not honor NIX_* environment variablesSun Jan 24 16:38:25-0800 2016Open
22707IBus relies on possibly outdated ~/.cache/ibus/bus/registryTue Feb 16 11:37:25-0800 2016Open
22745guix http downloads don't resumeSat Feb 20 00:35:25-0800 2016Open
23118Duplicate entries in various environment variablesFri Mar 25 21:00:26-0700 2016Open
23197Duplicate entries in GNOME "Search" settingsSat Apr 02 14:34:25-0700 2016Open
23582'call-with-container' fails to mount /dev/mqueue with EBUSY (on Ubuntu)Thu May 19 08:18:25-0700 2016Open
23666'add-to-store' RPC loads files in memory (daemon-side)Tue May 31 12:56:26-0700 2016Open
23828unsupported sexp item type #f ```Wed Jun 22 10:08:26-0700 2016Open
24053guix download file:// fails with a ~2 GB file on i686Fri Jul 22 10:19:26-0700 2016Open
24066icecat "mailto" handler does not work - and cannot be reconfigured by userMon Jul 25 00:35:25-0700 2016Open
24097‘operating-system’ lacks a way to populate /run/modprobe.dThu Jul 28 08:26:25-0700 2016Open
24099A policy on how to choose the installed documentation formats.Thu Jul 28 08:31:26-0700 2016Open
24352clojure does not build reproduciblyThu Sep 01 22:12:25-0700 2016Open
24496offloading should fall back to local build after n triesWed Sep 21 08:40:26-0700 2016Open
24626offloading does not honor --fallbackThu Oct 06 01:54:25-0700 2016Open
24737`guix lint` should not check patch-file-names on inherited sourcesWed Oct 19 08:32:25-0700 2016Open
24937"deleting unused links" GC phase is too slowSun Nov 13 09:41:26-0800 2016Open
25018GC incorrectly removes the temporary root file of the calling processThu Nov 24 06:07:25-0800 2016Open
25094Add comments to archive keys and aclsFri Dec 02 09:38:25-0800 2016Open
25235Wrapped python programs get native-inputs in PYTHONPATHMon Dec 19 15:29:26-0800 2016Open
25296fully functional desktop installationThu Dec 29 14:10:27-0800 2016Open
25314clisp not reproducibleSat Dec 31 14:48:25-0800 2016Open
25327cargo build-system should be able to filter out target.cfg(windows) dependenciesSun Jan 01 16:45:25-0800 2017Open
25425lua does not set search pathsThu Jan 12 02:57:25-0800 2017Open
25514SDDM segfaults X11 session on first reconfigureMon Jan 23 10:50:24-0800 2017Open
25568LUKS on top of RAID not supportedSat Jan 28 15:23:24-0800 2017Open
25752moreinfogo incremental builds brokenThu Feb 16 07:05:24-0800 2017Open
26035guix pull does not handle url lists and unreachable requestsThu Mar 09 05:42:24-0800 2017Open
26247Gettext introduces timestamps in .mo filesFri Mar 24 15:54:24-0700 2017Open
26252shepherd: make error message for service not found 'smarter'Sat Mar 25 05:31:25-0700 2017Open
26594guix pull --bootstrap does not workFri Apr 21 12:10:24-0700 2017Open
26608Provide --only-substitutes flag to "guix package --upgrade"Sat Apr 22 09:03:25-0700 2017Open
26696openssh: root 'without-password & password-authentication #f both breaks serviceFri Apr 28 07:52:25-0700 2017Open
26732add '--target=' option for 'guix environment' (similar to 'guix build')Mon May 01 04:36:25-0700 2017Open
26734Snippets (even empty ones) of tar sources reset the timestamps of all filesMon May 01 06:57:25-0700 2017Open
26811guix does not resume download on FTP timeoutsSun May 07 01:32:25-0700 2017Open
26830Allow services to implement a 'reload' actionMon May 08 08:25:24-0700 2017Open
26833guix dies on unreachable/problematic substitute serverMon May 08 08:40:25-0700 2017Open
27037systemd service files installed by guix 0.13.0 cannot used by other distributionsTue May 23 08:33:25-0700 2017Open
27155patch[PATCH 0/2] Support service extensions on the "final" service valuesTue May 30 14:59:25-0700 2017Open
27305terminology: sudo unable to functionSat Jun 10 05:29:25-0700 2017Open
27889Polkit actions are not updated after guix system reconfigureMon Jul 31 14:09:25-0700 2017Open
27976install 32b xfce no gnome: collision hicolor/icon-theme.cacheSat Aug 05 14:06:25-0700 2017Open
28055patch[WIP] Add knot testsFri Aug 11 12:05:25-0700 2017Open
28088"The name org.a11y.Bus was not provided by any .service files" with multiple applicationsMon Aug 14 12:29:25-0700 2017Open
28095Graphviz test-suite probably requires ksh-93Tue Aug 15 02:37:24-0700 2017Open
28167decide how to deal with gschemasSun Aug 20 13:05:25-0700 2017Open
28173reproducibility: texlive packages contain timestampsMon Aug 21 07:24:24-0700 2017Open
28240bad backtrace on “guix archive -x”Sat Aug 26 05:23:25-0700 2017Open
28260tcsh/csh needs separate /etc/profile - like fileMon Aug 28 01:15:24-0700 2017Open
28298Downgrades in xfontsel and other packages using app-defaultsWed Aug 30 12:08:25-0700 2017Open
28352stale cache in ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0Mon Sep 04 14:03:25-0700 2017Open
28462gnucash dies when generating reports in i3, works in GNOMEThu Sep 14 11:58:25-0700 2017Open
28470caff in the signing-party package can't find sendmail on GuixSDFri Sep 15 11:34:24-0700 2017Open
28478Adjust Enlightenment First-Time DialogueSun Sep 17 04:11:24-0700 2017Open
28510crash: guix build -S foo --with-source=blaTue Sep 19 05:10:25-0700 2017Open
28541Let gnome-tweak-tool and gnome-control-center have gnome-shell as inputThu Sep 21 08:48:25-0700 2017Open
28644Pulseview with modular qtFri Sep 29 04:27:25-0700 2017Open
28659Content-addressed mirror is not used upon invalid hashSun Oct 01 03:16:25-0700 2017Open
28772moreinfoguix system reconfigure after kernel panic user or group not createdMon Oct 09 22:51:24-0700 2017Open
28822openssh-service: support “Match” blocksFri Oct 13 14:00:24-0700 2017Open
28952guix pack: Add support for the snap formatSun Oct 22 23:34:25-0700 2017Open
29093networking service: support definition of bonding interfaceTue Oct 31 15:00:25-0700 2017Open
29106Build loop after changing pulseaudio and emacs-ido-completing-read+Wed Nov 01 07:40:25-0700 2017Open
29200`guix build --fallback` does not work with offloadingTue Nov 07 14:24:25-0800 2017Open
29219CUPS filter still can't access Ghostscript (gs)Wed Nov 08 12:51:25-0800 2017Open
29344asileriot: GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.Fri Nov 17 12:20:25-0800 2017Open
29593moreinfo[web site] Broken links in the HTML manualWed Dec 06 11:33:24-0800 2017Open
29634'max-silent-time' etc. should be per-derivation settingsSat Dec 09 18:03:24-0800 2017Open
29706GuixSD: Please add the ability to change shells for rootThu Dec 14 00:38:25-0800 2017Open
29814impossible to pass spaces in GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONSFri Dec 22 09:58:25-0800 2017Open
29826nondeterministic Broken pipeSat Dec 23 12:24:24-0800 2017Open
29892dvtm does not properly export terminfoFri Dec 29 06:05:24-0800 2017Open
29965Warning: vlan0 is not connected to the host networkWed Jan 03 11:36:24-0800 2018Open
30108nss not reproducibleSun Jan 14 01:12:24-0800 2018Open
30143UX: print warning if substitute server is not authorizedWed Jan 17 04:17:24-0800 2018Open
30311efi-less grub install failsWed Jan 31 10:56:25-0800 2018Open
30434magit won’t work over TRAMPMon Feb 12 04:53:24-0800 2018Open
30541timeout option not honoured (formerly how to handle armhf time-out on package?)Mon Feb 19 15:20:25-0800 2018Open
30604patch[PATCH 0/4] Load Linux module only when supported hardware is present.Sun Feb 25 03:46:25-0800 2018Open
30608moreinfoAseba: thymiovpl is missing icons, asebaplayground is missing .playground examplesSun Feb 25 13:51:25-0800 2018Open
30647patch[PATCH] guix build: Support '--remote-log-file=PACKAGE'.Wed Feb 28 06:20:25-0800 2018Open
30706'guix system reconfigure' can fail to load new system servicesSun Mar 04 15:06:25-0800 2018Open
30730JDK not reproducibleTue Mar 06 07:31:24-0800 2018Open
30767gtk+ not reproducible because of icon-theme.cacheSun Mar 11 04:37:25-0700 2018Open
30806moreinfopatch[PATCH] Add terraform and terraform-provider-libvirtTue Mar 13 13:25:24-0700 2018Open
30808[feature-request] improve integration of proxies in guixTue Mar 13 14:15:24-0700 2018Open
30847Cannot upgrade GuixSD due to check-device-initrd-modulesSun Mar 18 09:32:25-0700 2018Open