Blind people unable to install Guix System

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宋文武 wrote on 1 Aug 2023 03:29
(name . Simen Endsjø)(address .
Simen Endsjø <> writes:

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> It was brought to my attention that blind people runs into problems installing
> Guix System, while Debian and Arch have solved this better.
> The problem is outlined by the user k.g.roberts, ref
> <>:
> The installer for Guix System 1.4.0 is basically the same as I remember it from
> a few years ago; boots almost immediately into an ncurses menu for locale
> selection and it takes another few screens to get to the option for a shell. No
> other assistive technologies built into the installer itself outside of what’s
> in the kernel, so a blind installation is doable over a remote connection after
> that point, but would likely be a hassle to get going without additional help
> from a sighted person.
> Dave Dude mention a solution, ref <>:
> They’d need to add a console screen reader, like Fenrir or ESpeakup to the
> installation image, then have something to type, on the boot command line, to
> start the reader. Debian has done this, on its installation images for a long
> time. Arch now does something like this, too. Thanks for looking into this!
> I’m not the right person to do something like this, just thought I should report
> it in case it’s easy to fix.

Hello, I CC this email to bug-guix to open an issue now.

Thank you for the report!
Ludovic Courtès wrote on 15 Aug 2023 14:39
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