Invalid keyboard layouts pass through

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Ludovic Courtès

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Ludovic Courtès wrote on 5 Apr 2020 13:59
(address .

After a painful debugging session where I was blaming GDM for not using
the right keyboard layout, I found that I had specified an invalid
keyboard layout variant, as in:

(keyboard-layout "fr" "does-not-exist")

‘ckbcomp’ would build a layout for the console just fine, only with a
warning. Xorg would switch to the default “fr” layout (which exists)
and ignore the “does-not-exist” variant.

However, GNOME Shell would reject it in ‘keyboardManager.js’ because:

[found, , , _layout, _variant] = this._xkbInfo.get_layout_info(id);

returns ‘found = false’ since ‘fr+does-not-exist’ is not found, and thus
goes on to use the US layout:

if (found)
return { layout: _layout, variant: _variant };
return { layout: DEFAULT_LAYOUT, variant: DEFAULT_VARIANT };

(This is just for GNOME Shell because again, Xorg itself installs the
“fr” layout, as can be seen if you start ratpoison or similar.)

Long story short: it would be great if invalid keyboard layouts were
caught when the system is instantiated. It could be ‘ckbcomp’ errorring
out, or we could have additional code that browses xkeyboard-config’s
‘base.xml’ file.

Ludovic Courtès wrote on 19 Sep 2020 01:41
control message for bug #40456
(address .
severity 40456 important
Brice Waegeneire via web wrote on 4 Mar 2021 09:01
Invalid keyboard layouts pass through
(address .
We could listen from the WARNING: string on stderr of ckbcomp, or that dirty pipeline return 1 with an incorrect variant « setxkbmap -print fr foo | xkbcomp - -C »
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